Kerkini lake natural beauties

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The natural beauties of the area include Lake Kerkini, Pefkos Litotopou Hill, Xiropotamos Himarou, Patridognosia Park, Nymphopetra Gorge.


Φλαμίγκο στην λίμνη Κερκίνη

Kerkini Lake

It is one of the richest wetlands of Greece from ornithological point of view with more than 300 species of birds, while it is the most important wintering area and immigration of The Dalmatian pelican (Pelecanus crispus) throughout Europe. Nature is depicted in your soul at kerkini lake. It is among the richest in fish ponds in Greece and several of the locals are fishermen. Lake Kerkini and its wetland provides food and shelter to many species of wildlife. erkini belongs to the NATURA 2000 European Network and is protected under the RAMSAR convention as one of the 10 Wetlands of International Importance in Greece.

Pine Hill in Lithotopos

Having a unique view to the Lake and the picturesque harbour of te village Lithotopos is ideal for full day trips, picnics, tours, relaxation in nature.


is situated at the north of the Municipality Chimarros and starts from the mountain range of Kroussia. Plane trees and vast vegetation make this location ideal for walks and all day excursions in the nature.

Βουβάλια στην λίμνη Κερκίνη

Buffalos at kerkini lake

There is the largest number of buffaloes in Greece. The buffaloes, the genus bubalus bubalis, are terrified that they arrived as Xerxes’ escort during the Persian wars when the army broke out of the river Strymon. The population of buffaloes of about 900 animals in 2001 has now reached 3,000 and is constantly growing. Buffalo has become the trademark of the area.

Park of Local History (Parko Patrignosias)

If you want to attend a different course of local history, there is a park at the eastern entrance of the Municipality of Palaiokastro. In a region of 400 acres the natural formations of the environment are depicted.

Kerkini National Park

The core of the Park includes Lake Kerkini and the river Strymonas, from the lake to the Greek-Bulgarian border. Within the kernel there are high protection zones. A wide peripheral zone includes the Belles, Krussia Mountains and Mavrovouni and areas south and east of the lake.