Kerkini lake activities

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Want a place to relax and unwind in nature? Whatever you are looking Lithotopos in kerkini lake offers many different options, suitable for all seasons. You simply choose the one that suits you every time!  Hiking, boating, horse riding, bird watching and more at kerkini lake.

Η μαγεία της λίμνης κερκίνηςBIRD WATCHING:

Lake Kerkini offers one of the few birdwatching opportunities in Greece. You can watch a plethora of birds either alone or with an organized group. Especially during September and October, the season when many species of birds migrate, you can admire, among others, many herons, Dalmatian Pelicans, Great Cormorants, Eurasian Spoonbills, Glossy Ibises, Pygmy Cormorants and geese.


You can wander and explore the nature in the paths of Lofos Pefkon, around Lake Kerkini, in Nimforema Canyon, in Xiropotamos, in the Grove of Palaiokastro. You can go hiking with the local guides or alone and find the route that suits you best, easy, medium or very difficult and… lose yourselves in the natures beauties.


The lakeside villages offer boats with a tour alongside the lake, which is a unique experience. Alternatively, you can hire a canoe or a boat – the so-called �plava�- and go boating your own way. Being at the surface of the water gives you a different perspective and the scenery seems even more beautiful. In addition, boating gives you the chance to watch, always from a certain distance, some of the most rare species of birds sheltered in the lake.


You can live a different experience when choosing to explore the area by riding a horse. A ride with these beautiful creatures alongside the lake or in a riparian forest, will be something to remember.



In the norther village of the prefecture of Serres, in Agistro, and near the Greek-Bulgarian border, is the oldest Turkish thermal bath, dated to the Byzantine era, in 950 AD. (41.2 km from Erodios Hotel). Thermal bath also you can find in Sidirokastro in the thermal springs of the Thermae which are well known all over Greece with the famous mineral water (22 km from Erodios Hotel).


Bicycles can also be rented from Erodios Hotel and choose a round trip from the lake.